Sam Buchanan Towers (pronounced /ˈbjuːˌkænən/; BT), known as Buchanan Towers and popularly referred to as BT (and formerly as Bucky Towers), is a dormitory located on South Campus at Western Washington University. It is named after Samuel J. Buchanan, and its motto is Clarior hinc honos (Latin for "Brighter henceforth the honor"). Since the completion of Buchanan Towers East, "Buchanan Towers" has often been used to refer to both residence halls, and the original Buchanan Towers is accordingly sometimes distinguished as BT Classic or BT Original.

Residence Halls
Birnam Wood · Buchanan · Buchanan East · Edens · Edens North · Fairhaven · Higginson · Mathes · Nash · New York · Ridgeway (SHADO · KGB)

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